An Unusual Kind of Gratitude

An Unusual Kind of Gratitude

Gratitude is an important part of The Law of Attraction, and those who practice it know that being grateful for those things they love brings more of those wonderful things into their life.

It’s real easy to be grateful for the things in life that you love. However, there’s a gratitude that isn’t practiced often… in fact rarely. And it’s more important than the gratitude you feel for the wondrous things in your life.

It’s gratitude for the things you don’t love. Things that bother you, things that you fear, things that make you angry.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why in the world should I feel gratitude for the awful things in my life?”

The answer to the questions is this: Because every time you experience something awful, you’re having a learning experience. And you came onto this planet to have experiences from which you learn. As you gain knowledge and wisdom, you raise your vibration.

Humans are wired to learn not from the fun, loving experiences they have but from the awful, painful experiences. Each time you feel anger, hurt, frustration, or another similar emotion, be grateful for you are in the midst of a wondrous learning experience.

You are being given the opportunity to raise your vibration as you gain knowledge and wisdom from the experience. And as you raise your vibration, you attract to you things of higher frequencies.

When someone does a hurtful thing to you or when you see something that upsets you, there are many ways you can respond. You can react with anger. You can stifle the strong emotions you’re feeling and pretend everything is just fine. You can forgive them… or try to. OR you can muse on what they’re teaching you and be grateful to them for the valuable knowledge they’ve given you as a result of the experience.

It’s not always easy, but it is always the highest and most beneficial thing you can do for yourself… and others. As Wallace Wattles says in his book, The Science of Getting Rich:

This (gratitude) will bring you into harmonious relations with the good in everything, and the good in everything will then move toward you.

Because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.

Here’s one method you can use to help you find gratitude for challenging things:

1. Describe the issue. What don’t you like about it? What bothers you or makes you angry about the thing?

2. Muse on the issue until you can uncover what it’s teaching you. Maybe it’s teaching you courage, better self worth, compassion.

3. State out loud or to yourself, “__________ is making me feel __________. I’m grateful that I’m learning _______________ from it.”

Use this simple process every day until it becomes a habitual thought process that takes you from focusing on what you don’t like to being grateful as soon as you begin to feel discomfort about a situation or issue.