What Is the Power of the Law of Attraction

What Is the Power of the Law of Attraction

There are three camps when speaking about the celebrated “law of attraction”: those who claim that the law of attraction works, those who deny it and those that complain that it doesn’t work. Anyway the power of the law of attraction can be seen as existing in the way it became a real industry in the last decades.

Many books were written about this subject and also there are a lot of films about it. All the authors claim that they had real experiences regarding the law of attraction. And there are also celebrities that acknowledge their trust in it, like Oprah Winfrey or Paulo Coelho, the last one even writing a world renowned novel, The Alchemist, with the subject of the law of attraction. The novel is the story of a quest for a treasure. As a work of art, the novel can be read in many ways, each reader projecting his own experiences and understanding in the story. However one of the main meanings that you can get from the story is that the law of attraction doesn’t work mathematically, as do scientific laws, but its action is more like an invitation to a personal life adventure, giving to the term “law” an undeniable spiritual content that unites cause and effect in an absolute personal and non-repeatable way. As far as the question: does law of attraction work? you cannot answer with ‘yes, it works’ or ‘no, it doesn’t work’, because the way you live the action of the law of attraction is not identical with the way another person experiences it. At most you can say, yes it works for me, or no it does not work for me.

This personal character of the law of attraction is very well suggested in the novel The Alchemist, when the treasure believed to be found faraway in a distant land and for which the main character decides to go after is proven to lie at the end of the story actually under the ground of his native realm. Of course, that is a metaphor indicating that our true treasure lies inside of us and not outside. Only, this “inside territory” is much larger than the exterior space and usually we wander a lot of time through the interior land without reaching our own treasure. Even the word ‘treasure’ is not very clear. You may ask yourself: What is my true inner treasure, and not be able to come up with a clear, undoubted answer.

The entire trouble then with the meaning of the law of attraction appears not with regard to the fact if it is working but with regard to what it applies. What are actually the real contents that are related and put in correspondence here, because every law, in general, describes a constant relationship between two kinds of elements?

Those who claim that this law is working may have found their true treasure, while those who deny that it is working would apply it in the wrong context and those who in general deny the existence of the law of attraction may not have experienced any uncanny event in their life, an event that any human being could not consider as being a simple coincidence or accident, due to its profound subjective meaning.

The real effectiveness of this law, its dynamism lies then in the way it opens us to an unknown and unexpected horizon. As in the novel of Coelho we may think at the beginning that our treasure lies far away and we start to travel towards foreign lands only to find out at a given moment that what we have looked for is buried in the sole of our homeland.

It is not by haphazard then that the issue of the law of attraction has such a great social impact nowadays: it can be seen as a new form of an age old imperative: know thyself! It is the way we believe today that we can understand us, that we can know us.